The guitar's body parts!

Hello All, here's my first blog! I wanted to share something simple yet, I believe, very important. This is learning the correct names for parts of the guitar or body parts as I call them. Why is it important? Using incorrect terms creates confusion. Imagine you are visiting a guitar technician because you'd like your guitar set-up for the best playability; you wouldn't want to look silly in front of him/her by using all the wrong names. There is another reason which I shall go into later. One of things I do in my introductory guitar lessons is setting this knowledge in place. Using diagrams of either the classical, electric or acoustic guitar and with the guitar itself I proceed to explain

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Son of widely acclaimed English blues/rock guitarist Geoff Everett; Christian is himself an accomplished musician, has a wealth of teaching experience, is qualified in music and is a full member of The Registry of Guitar Tutors.

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"Christian is an extremely good guitar teacher. I find the passion he has for his work, and his knowledge of the instrument, very motivating. In particular, I like the way he structures his courses to suit my level and learning style. I appreciate his patience and methodical approach." - Eoin Banahan, Kent

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